Thứ Bảy, 8 tháng 12, 2018

A cute faced Bich babe sucks massive cock

The mamasan kept her word and called me at 6pm to tell me that she had the perfect girl for me. Very cute, 18yo and just lost her virginity to a Japanese guy a week ago. This was too good to be true and I was excited to see this girl!
She arrived an hour later and she just looked so wonderful. Beautiful cute face… a dream girl. A little bit chubby but in a healthy, sexy way! Her hair was in a ponytail, wore cute make-up, high heels and sexy jeans.
…I thought I was dreaming…
I expected a very shy ex-virgin, but no… this girl was all smiles and fun. Her name is Bich, a real local 18yo pearl. The mamasan left and we started to make pictures. Bich just loved doing a photoshoot and took many poses. She had a natural flair and talent. It was very easy to work with her… and to get horny! It was also easy to get her clothes off and she was teasing me, non-stop. We kissed, laughed and had fun. I was in LOVE in a big way. Her pointy nipple with small super soft boobs, a perfect little ass, that crazy sexy smile and those Vietnamese eyes… then, I didn’t even have to ask for it, she just started sucking my dick, playing with it and touching her boobs with it. I was ready to explode any time. I wish every girl was that easy and camera-loving. Just look at how she constantly looked into the lens… a natural talent.
Then, I fucked her. She did indeed feel very narrow, like a virgin. How can a girl be so horny and talented just one week after her first time? It reminded me of a bargirl in AC that also just lost her virginity and was as horny as Bich was here. So yes, it’s possible I guess. Whatever, ever if it was not true, it still was one of the best fucks in a year. She was so active and enjoying it in all possible positions, while always smiling.
Of course I creampied her. And of course, I kept this one overnight… for round 2 tomorrow morning!
I wanted to sleep. Tomorrow, I fly to Chiang Mai. Why not!?