Thứ Bảy, 8 tháng 12, 2018

Hot blonde Smiley loves to get fucked out from behind

I did some shopping this afternoon but I find that it is so expensive here. On the way to the Orchard Towers earlier this evening, I saw a super-sexy girl in a white dress passing along the street, clearly a freelancer (high heels, super short skirt), so I followed her and she was clearly walking to the Orchard Towers, as well. I made eye contact and she smiled. Game was on!
Her name is Smiley a 27yo from Vietnam. We talked and she was indeed on her way to the Ipanema bar, where I had been last night, as well. We went there together and it was clear that she was going to stay with me. We had a drink and then went to my hotel.
Smiley was into posing and showed me her super-sexy and petite body. No bra! But, she had big silicon boobs. That was the sad part for me but I am sure that plenty of men like this anyways. She told me that she had so many more customers since having her boob job. She also told me that it was her first time in Singapore, only being here 4 days now. Is that true? Anyways… She had a great attitude and she gave me a real good service. I even came in her mouth! I decided to keep her for the night and she told me that she would bring me a friend tomorrow for a 3some. Why not? Nice start in Singapore, I would say ??
I wanted to sleep. Tomorrow, I fly to Chiang Mai. Why not!?