Thứ Sáu, 7 tháng 12, 2018

Lan amateur teen facialized

IMG I got a big surprise today. Yen,the milf who brought me Ly before, called me this morning saying that she had the perfect girl for me. I told her last time what type of girl I liked and she told me that she would look around for me. I did not hear from her anymore, until today.
We met to have lunch and there she was, 18yo Lan. A petite cutie with a cute face. 100% my type of girl! We ate together and then went to my room. I just couldn’t wait to fuck this little diamond. And yet, another surprise: This girl just loves to pose! She was all smiling and collaborating. A real pleasure.
The best part had to be when she was naked with those petite tits and small pussy exposed. Then, she started to suck my dick like she was possessed, using all kinds of techniques, licking my balls and even my ass! This girl had the skills of a MILF, my god. I came 3 times, guys! I could not get enough of this sweetheart. The best part was in doggie where I could look at that small ass of hers. She left and I thanked Yen 1000 times. My last goal of this trip is to get My making a porn with me. That will be tomorrow. After that, I plan to go back to China for one week.