Thứ Sáu, 7 tháng 12, 2018

My morning / Reunification Palace

I fucked My during the night. I could not stop anymore. This morning, she got a call at 6am from the mamasan. I am starting to get the system here. This also happened before. It seems that the mamasans want the girls to go back home early in the morning. My took a fast shower and began to put on her clothes again but… I was horny again, so she started to give me a hand job. A few minutes later and I was fucking her again! Just look at the sperm coming out, almost nothing anymore, haha. Came 4 times already since I met her. 3 creampies. She left in a hurry and I went back to sleep.
In the afternoon, I went to the Reunification palace that was closed because of some high profile meeting there. Too bad. I continued my walk and did find a new girl… but to be honest, I was too tired. My emptied me.