Thứ Tư, 12 tháng 12, 2018

Zen hot brunette taking it up the ass who loves the cock


I rented a bike today and went for a ride to the riverside. I parked my bike and walked around when I saw a girl in sexy jeans in front of me. She had such a sexy walk and was alone. I had to do this! I said hello to her and she smiled. Good start. A student in university that wants to work in a bank later. Oh, a smartass! Can be harder one to crack sometimes but once you’re in, you get horny and naughty sex, for sure. Her name is Zen, a 21yo. Her English was perfect and that is a really nice treat for me, after all these non-English girls in the recent diary entries. I liked her a lot and she seems to like me, as well.
After a short polite conversation and a few pictures (of which was also a good sign), I decided to go for it all the way and I asked her “You like to join me to my hotel?” She could have slapped me, run way screaming for police or just say “YES!” And that is what she did! haha! Man, Viet girls are awesome. In my room, this is where the real fun still had to start. She loved the posing and was easy to get undressed. Nice big ass and a hairy pussy. Small tits, but all-together a nice package! Started to lick her pussy and she came within 5 minutes. This was a truly horny student! Look how she was sucking my dick, almost like a porn star. Even when we had sex, I felt like being in a very horny movie. Look how she was screaming. Creampied her, logic.
Wow, man.
She gave me her number and she expressed that she really hopes to see me again before leaving to go study, I guess ??