Thứ Tư, 12 tháng 12, 2018

Bac fucks and sucks this dudes nice big dick


I decided to go out tonight. I could hear the party music from my room. I had no choice to partake and I was in the mood for a party pickup. I went to a bar but didn’t really see something worthwhile until I was back outside. There were girls waiting outside to get in another fancy disco. A group of 3 girls felt too good to talk with me, but 2 other liked. One spoke good English and she translated for her friend that I liked a lot. We talked a bit and was able to convince her to make some pictures in my room. She was all smiles and in a party mood. Her friend went inside the disco and would wait for her there. Up to my room!
It was hard to talk with her. She didn’t even understand my question about her name. Using the translator, I finally got to know that she is named Bac, is 18yo and works in a factory. Clearly a girl who wants to find a guy who wants to take care of her. I loved her style, her hair, her casual clothes and later on… her boobs and amazing ass! Look that ass, people! Perfect soft shape and a nice pussy. Loved it.
She’s a great easy-going girl and open minded for everything but not for blowjobs. Not her thing. No problem, I enjoyed eating her wonderful pussy. I really enjoyed fucking that 18yo pussy of hers and she was horny as well. When she was on top, she did a crazy thing with her neck. Just watch it. I was shocked.
Anyways, creampied her well and then she ran back to the party and probably found another fuck, haha. Oh by the way, she stole my cologne. Can you imagine?! I am sure she did it when she was taking a shower. She took her bag inside the shower and closed the door. 1 hour later, I found out my cologne was gone. I heard about this problem in Vietnam and this is the first time it happened to me. So guys, be warned!