Thứ Tư, 12 tháng 12, 2018

Girlfriend Lang get fucked very hard


Pety had promised me a super horny girl for today. At 6pm, she arrived with her and I liked her from the very start. Super petite and skinny. Her name is Lang, 21yo. I expected a girl who dreams to become a pornstar since that is what Pety told me about her before… and yes, she was totally right. From the first pictures on, Lang started to tease me with sexy and horny poses, licking hers (and my) finger. She loved to make a porn video and it seemed like she had been rehearsing all her life for this role. This was fun (and new for me). I rarely meet Asian girls who love to be so slutty. I was super lucky that she also had the type of body that I love the most, very skinny with good round boobs.
When I was still making pics of her, she just couldn’t wait anymore and wanted to get fucked hard. She took off my pants and started to adore my dick with her tongue and mouth. Once on the bed, I ate her pussy but she continued to ask me to fuck her… so that’s what I did. Man, she was even using her pussy-muscles to make it tighter for me. Just wonderful. Fucked her in all possible positions and she continued on screaming for more so I creampied that slut, dammit!… wish I could find more girls like her…
Pety came back when we were done and I asked her for more of this ?? haha. She will call me tomorrow. I will go visit the Blow&go tomorrow, as well. I hope that girl that fucked me last time is still working there.