Thứ Tư, 12 tháng 12, 2018

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Time for action today and I got finally what I was searching for here: easy cheap pussy! Went up to the little park in front of the Mekong river. I heard that freelancers come there in daytime… and it was right. Once arrived, I saw a girl standing alone looking at the river. She saw me with my camera and instantly started to pose. Guys, remember this: If a girl does that, you can fuck her within 10 minutes.
I walked up to her and asked her to pose a little more. She loved it. While we were talking, I even managed to do some upskirting, haha. After the posing, we had a seat and since her English was very poor, I said “You and me to my hotel”. She said “yes”. “We make more pictures?”… “Yes” again. No time to waste here. Up to my room where the fun continues. She started to undress herself without me asking for it. She desperately wanted to fuck and all the picture taking was taking too much time for her, so she started to play with herself. So horny, man. I gave her something to suck on and then fucked her like crazy. I came twice and she was very satisfied. Finally, something to fuck here in C?n Tho (or Cam Tho, you can write it in both ways).
Ok, tomorrow I’ll go back to that park in the daytime.